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Also have a look into my music section for better audio quality than in YouTtube.



Hi alltogether,

I reworked some songs within the last days and refreshed them in the Music-Section.

I also had an idea for the CD Cover of the first album "Coming Home".
Just leave me a note on Facebook or Twitter what you think about it.
Cover ComingHome 400

Hi alltogether,
I spent some time this week to increase the sound of the song "Nightfall".
Overall I repositioned some instruments, changed the reverb completely and brought the lead strings more to front.
The updated song can be found in the music section of this website.

Also it is the first attempt to create a kind of music video - so please don't laugh :)

Something different in January 2013.
A mix of guitar-ballad, orchestral instruments and house / trance elements.
Strange thing - but hope you like it.